Monday, March 30, 2015

Part 1 - What I know about K-12 online learning

My experience with online learning is relatively new and what I know and understand about online learning is that it is another way of delivering education other than in a traditional classroom setting. Online learning goes beyond the four walls of a classroom it can take place anywhere.  Almost any subject can be taught online. It also gives any type student the opportunity to work independently or collaborate with other students and teachers anywhere in the world.  In my opinion,  online learning for today's k-12 students is becoming more of a traditional way of being taught and for older students (other than k-12) online learning can be considered a new way of being taught.  However, working in an online environment can be isolating if you are not use to working in that type of environment. It requires you to think a little differently in how you work and communicate with other people. Educators also have to be creative in how they deliver instruction in this type of learning environment. 


  1. Vicky,
    Can you believe that they even offer gym as an online course!? In my post I shared a little about my cousin who is graduating from high school via an online program. She has taken electives such as gym and art. I thought that was unique and as you stated, "almost anything can be taught online". Thinking back to my earlier education, I would have to say that online or blended learning may have benefitted me greatly. If there was a way for me to continue my work while my teachers dealt with classroom management and behavior issues, then I would have been that student to excel with an online course or coursework. How do you feel about that? Do you think online learning would have been ideal for you during K-12?


  2. Gym class is a class that I would have never thought would be offered online, I will definitely be reading your post. Thinking back on my early education (in middle-school), I was in an advanced program and I had a class that was an independent study course, it was okay at the time, however I preferred face-to-face.

  3. That is crazy that gym can be offered online. I wonder how the teacher would actually be able to check if the student is truly doing what they are supposed to (I'm thinking in an elementary setting). Does the student take a video of them self proficiently dribbling a ball or swinging a bat? And what about the "team" element of a sport?

    I have a huge love for online education and wish that all of my college degrees could have been obtained online. Looking back, I would have loved taking online courses in high school too. However, I'm not so sure about a complete education being received via the internet at the elementary level.

    I do not believe that many of the students that I work with would be as successful in a completely online classroom. It just seems that they need someone standing over them pushing them to learn, many lack intrinsic motivation. Also, many of my students lack the technology necessary for this type of learning.

    How do you feel about a K-5 student receiving their entire education via the internet Vicky?

  4. I personally think that students that young need face-to-face interaction with their instructor however online instruction can be gradually introduced.